Giverny: Walking in Monet’s Footsteps


One of the first things I ever painted in art class was a copy of Claude Monet’s bridge over water lilies, so it was pretty surreal when I found myself standing on that very bridge this weekend. Of course, a gazillion other tourists were sharing the experience with me, but there was something magical about strolling through Monet’s gardens, discussing with Gui in which shady spots the brilliant impressionist likely sat painting his masterpieces.

Things we did not like: The fact that the French trains were once again on strike, which meant that we were all crammed into the 11am un-airconditioned train in the stifling heat from Paris to Giverny. The sounds of English and Mandarin that greeted us when we boarded the bus transfer were another disappointment, as we have come to learn this means our destination will be crawling with tourists. But the gardens were cool and breathtaking, the house bright and charming, and the little impressionism museum delightfully air conditioned, so we had a lovely afternoon. Enjoy the photos!



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