Split: Even More Croatian Beauty

I know, I know… I’ve gotten terribly behind. Thank goodness I kept a travel diary during our Balkans road trip or I wouldn’t remember what to write about anymore! The past few weeks have been a bit packed with the end of exams, the start of my summer internship and visits from some fabulous guests, but I’m ready to get back on the blogging horse (…that metaphor shows you just how out of practice I am, am I right? I’ll get the hang of it.) So without further ado, let me give you a little taste of the gorgeous Croatian city of Split:


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Dubrovnik: Croatian Eye Candy

I’m picking back up with Day 4 of our Balkans road trip, which means it’s finally time to share my photos from the breathtaking coastal city of Dubrovnik (!!) A quick word of warning: After perusing this post you will almost certainly want to book a flight to Croatia. No, you’re not convinced? Okay, let’s see…

FullSizeRender 6-min.jpg

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