Bruges & Brussels: Wafflemania!


I realize it is a bit of a cliché — okay, a lot of a cliché — to associate Belgium with waffles, but my waffle experience was truly one of the highlights of our visit. I tried a waffle in Amsterdam last spring and was not very impressed, so I was pleasantly surprised when the one I ordered from a stand in Bruges, complete with fresh strawberries and cream, was delectable. When in Belgium…

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Skye: An Other-Worldly Isle


After the car debacle, my dad had the unhappy task of taking the bus back to Inverness Friday morning to try to procure another rental car to transport us back to Edinburgh to catch our flights Sunday morning. A bit drained, my mom decided to spend the day relaxing at our adorable Airbnb, leaving Gui, my sister and me to craft a plan for the afternoon. Gui discovered at roughly 11:30am that the only bus of the day that would take us onto the Isle of Skye would come through Dornie in 20 minutes, so we layered up, filled our water bottles and dashed to the stop. The bus showed up about 10 minutes behind schedule — it’s amazing how much lateness freaks me out after my year and a half in Switzerland — and we climbed aboard, but not before embarrassing ourselves by asking for roundtrip tickets and then realizing we didn’t have enough cash to cover the cost. Whoops.

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Loch Ness: Nessie Gets Auto-Rescued

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

My family’s visit to Loch Ness ended with a literal bang, but — as the headline might suggest — not quite the bang we had hoped for. It all started early Thursday morning, when we left Edinburgh with my dad at the wheel of a Mercedes wagon after Gui apparently charmed the lady at the rental car desk into a free upgrade. Notably, that wheel was on the right side of the car instead of our accustomed left, which explains why my dad initially hopped into the passenger seat when we prepared to set off from the parking lot. Americans…

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England: The Comeback Tour

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It’s very strange to be in a country where people speak English. You get off the plane and the signs are in English, the border guard speaks to you in English, you have to order your tea in English… A little taste of the culture shock in store whenever we move back to the US, I suppose. But waiting for us in the UK was a very special treat: My wonderful family, all the way from across the pond! It was their first time in London, so we spent our three days there hitting up all of the classics: Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road, Harrods, Oxford Street, Tower of London, afternoon tea… It was a whirlwind.

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Côte d’Azur: Menton, Monaco, Cannes & Nice

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We spent last weekend in Côte d’Azur to celebrate Gui’s 30th and gosh did we love it. The southern French architecture is full of character and elegance, and the area just has a really fun, relaxed vibe. And despite what our skeptical friends told us about the French Riviera in July, the crowds were completely manageable and added to the whole atmosphere. So yes, fellow Geneva-dwellers, book that 40-minute flight now!

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