Fribourg: Urban Golfing à la Suisse


With our half-fare train passes on the verge of expiring, Guillaume and I decided to take advantage of our last discounted weekend and the gorgeous weather to visit the medevial city of Fribourg, Switzerland. The train journey itself was quite the treat, particularly the stretch just after Lausanne, and I think the above and below photos of Lake Geneva look like paintings even though they were taken through a glass window — Don’t you?

If you want to spend a chill day in a lovely Swiss city, I would definitely recommend you head to Fribourg. We spent the afternoon following the tourism office’s urban golf course — not to be confused with a mini-golf course, as some of these holes are quite far from the putting area — which was a great way to explore the city. We rented one club and shared it, which was much more convenient than carrying two clubs around the exceptionally steep city, and did some of the holes out of order to avoid getting stuck behind a large group of college-age urban golfers (but really to make sure they could not see our poor urban golf skills). We also visited the main cathedral and saw its incredible organ and had a delicious lunch of bread, Gruyere cheese and tiny pickles with libations on the terrace of the Belvedere bar overlooking the city.

On the way back to Geneva, we met friends for a picnic at the Cully jazz festival, which is just a 10-minute train ride from the Lausanne train station. We didn’t actually hear much music, but today we bought our first-ever tickets to the Montreux Jazz Festival in July, so we’ll remedy that soon enough. Happy Wednesday!!!


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