Prague: Czech It Out

I had no idea that Prague has such a big party scene before we arrived late Friday night. I mean, I knew that the city was supposed to have really excellent, cheap beer, but I pictured a laid-back pub atmosphere – not the myriad of bachelor and bachelorette festivities that we stumbled upon, the beer bike making its way around town, the t-shirt branded pub crawls, the absinthe and absinthe-flavored food shops, or the guys stationed on street corners with giant snakes for tourist photo-ops (not sure if the latter is exclusively linked to partying, but it was a new one for me either way). To be sure, the more relaxed pub scene is also alive and well, and that’s what we stuck with. But if you’re looking for something a little wilder, you may want to check (czech!) out the Czech Republic (though Gui says I might be the only one who didn’t know this already).

Of course, Prague is also overflowing with tourists for a reason unrelated to its beer supply (though I’m now a fan of the light Pilsner Urquell): It’s absolutely gorgeous. Continue reading