DIY Apartment Decor

It’IMG_6815s almost been a month since we moved into our apartment and I still have such a crush on it. I love the natural light that pours in from the skylights, the exposed beams and slanted wooden ceilings, and the sweeping views of the city from our top-floor perch. Today I’m set up at my desk in the loft since we finally procured an extension cord that can reach my little nook, happily sipping iced tea while I do some research for our upcoming travels, with fresh air filtering in from the skylight overhead. I think I may need to write a novel, simply to take full advantage of this perfect hideaway. Eh… maybe tomorrow.

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A Sunday at the Museum

Sundays in Geneva are very quiet, with nearly all of the stores, supermarkets and restaurants across the city shuttered for the day. That’s why I was super excited to discover that, not only is Geneva’s Musée d’Art et d’Histoire  (art and history museum) open on Sundays, but it’s free and less than a five-minute walk from our apartment. The roof of the gorgeous building visible from the top of our loft? Yeah, it turns out that’s the museum.

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Pigeon Mafia

The covered walkways outside Union Station in Washington, DC, are home to a pretty sizable group of pigeons in the winter. On the coldest mornings, they fill every available perch underneath the high stone archways, covering the cement floor with evidence of their squatter status and making at least one former Washingtonian perpetually fearful of getting splattered on her daily walk to work. The “pigeon mafia,” my husband and I always called them. There they are, looking down at us with those beady, red eyes.

IMG_5796.jpgA blessedly pigeon-free walk through Union Station one day in December 

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Setting Up House

It’s been a week since we moved into our new apartment and I think it’s safe to say neither my husband nor I want to set foot in IKEA ever again (though we’ll probably realize we forgot something and be back this weekend). It was a rough ride to say the least, but things are finally starting to fall into place and our once bare set of rooms is beginning to feel like a home.

Here’s a recap of our last week by the numbers:

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Water Bottle Outsider


I toted a reusable water bottle around with me in Washington whenever I planned to be away from the apartment for more than a few hours, whether I was headed to work, the gym or a date with my girlfriends. I was probably one of the more devout water-bottle carriers, but I certainly wasn’t alone: If you walked through the press gallery in the U.S. Capitol on any given day, you would see rows of reporters’ laptops, notepads and, without fail, reusable bottles and mugs.

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