21-Month Anniversary

Optimized-118I don’t mean to disappoint, but I think it’s only fair to share bad news up front. This post is from Guillaume. You may know me as Melissa’s husband, a supporting character in the Plaid Shirt Diaries known for erratic driving through the Balkans and an unquenchable thirst for history. Have no fear! This is temporary! The Plaid Shirts Diaries is not about to become an unwanted history lesson. Thankfully, Melissa will soon return to the stage. Over the past few months, other projects have sadly pulled her away from this blog. But I can assure you that she will return and cannot wait to fill you in on our latest adventures.

Soon to come are posts on:

  • The peerless fashion and real-life reindeers of Stockholm, Sweden
  • The elegance of the Chateaux of the Loire Valley, France
  • The unique landscape of Mont Saint-Michel, France
  • The breathtaking – if exhausting – hiking trails of Cinque Terre, Italy
  • The pastries and J.K Rowling “holy site” of Porto, Portugal

In the meantime, there is always the Plaid Shirt Diaries Instagram account 🙂

Thank you all for tuning in and Happy Holidays from Geneva!


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