Positano: La Dolce Vita


Our six-day Italian adventure ended in the beautiful cliffside city of Positano, where we spent two glorious days relaxing on the beach and getting our fill of fresh Italian food. We arrived late Saturday afternoon on a ferry from the port of Capri (first photo below) and hiked our way up through the town until we found the Hotel Savoia, which turned out to be completely charming. We loved the painted tiles covering the floors and the beautiful view of the city and coastline from our large balcony, and were delighted that we were offered a complimentary bottle of sparkling wine for our anniversary. We spent the evening perusing the maze of shops and then enjoyed a very tasty pasta dinner near the hotel at Ristorante Max.

IMG_1833 (1).jpgIMG_1840.jpgIMG_1846.jpgIMG_1851.jpg

The next morning we woke up early, had breakfast on the hotel terrace and were the first to arrive on the beach, which meant we got our pick of the rentable lounge chairs lining the water. We stayed there all day — the beach was pretty quiet because it was overcast — and enjoyed sandwiches, strawberries and Prosecco that Gui picked up from Vini & Panini for lunch, following a recommendation I read on another travel blog (thanks!)

IMG_1876 (1).jpgFullSizeRender.jpgIMG_1902 (2).jpgIMG_1919.jpgIMG_1946 (1).jpgIMG_1944.jpg

Later that evening, we took the bus up the mountain to the town of Montepertuso for our dinner reservation at Donna Rosa, which is apparently one of Jamie Oliver’s favorite restaurants. We ordered rolled eggplant as our starter — absolutely delicious — and I had an eggplant pasta dish for my main course that was also awesome. Afterward, we enjoyed the hotel’s complimentary bottle of sparkling wine on our balcony, watching the twinkling lights of Positano reflecting onto the Mediterranean. 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Monday morning we once again woke up early, ate breakfast and walked down to the beach, but this time it was sunny so we had more company. We feasted on another batch of fresh sandwiches from Vini & Panini and swam in the clear, sparkling water until a little after 3pm, when we returned to the hotel for our airport transfer back to Naples. I thought it was going to be the ferries that would do me in — I felt pretty awful after a rough ride to the Greek island of Milos during our honeymoon — but, oh my goodness, this time it was the drive. The road from Positano to Sorrento winds back and forth, back and forth, through the mountains without reprieve for about 40 minutes. It’s rough. When we finally arrived at the airport an hour and 15 minutes after our departure from Positano, I was dizzy and nauseous, and my knees buckled underneath me at one point as we tried to find our gate. Luckily my loving husband nursed me back to health with sparkling water and focaccia bread, though I’ve already made an executive decision that next time we’ll be taking the ferry 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed reading about our final adventure of the summer! It’s one we’re going to remember happily for years and years to come.

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