Football Mania: Honking for Victory

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The fact that it was well-past midnight didn’t stop Portugal football* fans from celebrating their victory on Saturday: Downtown Geneva was filled with the sounds of blaring car horns as revelers drove in loops around the city, basking in their triumph over Croatia.

In fact, nonstop honking is a pretty dependable way to determine when the latest Euro 2016 match has wrapped up here. With so many international organizations based in Geneva, each of the European football powers seems to have contingents in the city and they’re ready to take to their car horns to broadcast their wins (perhaps with the exception of Iceland; we didn’t hear much honking last night).

When Italy clobbered Spain yesterday, Guillaume dutifully captured the mayhem on his iPhone so we could share it with all of you. A symphony of honking, sirens and what we think may be firecrackers can go on for upwards of an hour after each match. Enjoy!

*American and Canadian readers, and any others who may be confused: By football, I mean soccer. Not the whole helmets and shoulder pads thing.

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