Three-Month Anniversary


It’s been exactly three months since we made the move to Switzerland and we’ve had quite the ride.

We went from living in a hotel, to an Airbnb, to our wonderful attic apartment.

The empty rooms slowly gained furniture, appliances and decorations, and we happily entertained our first dinner guests last night.

I transitioned from getting anxious every time I went to the grocery store – without fail someone would speak to me in French and I wouldn’t understand – to welcoming those interactions as a sort of daily test of my progress.

There were some tears, frustrations and disappointments, but even more times that Gui and I looked at each other and reveled in how lucky we are.

We’ve visited seven different cities in four different countries, with another set of adventures on tap for this summer.

And with all that time in transit, I’m on my way to learning the entire Hamilton soundtrack… though I’m not sure Gui would agree that’s a positive 🙂

Time has flown by, but it took a walk past Geneva’s l’horloge fleurie yesterday for it to sink in. The flowers are switched out with the seasons and, sure enough, the clock’s formerly purple and yellow face is now a deep brown and red.

Thank you for following along as we settled into life an ocean away from where we’ve always called home. Now a new season awaits, and I’m quite excited for what’s to come.

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