10 days, 10 photos

For my inaugural post, here’s a recap of my first 10 days in Geneva. I used Facebook to post a snapshot each day before I decided to take the plunge into the blogosphere. Enjoy!

03.03.16 | Trying to share a daily photo as we settle into life in Geneva. Up first: Cheese, of course.



04.03.16 | Got lost trying to find an apartment showing on a rainy Geneva day (time to get a Swiss SIM card so I can use Google maps!)



05.03.16 | Finally! A couple hours of blue skies and sunshine.



06.03.16 | Rainbow over Lake Geneva



07.03.16 | First day of my French intensive! Finished my homework with time to spare before my husband gets home.



08.03.16 | Learned French using cows and international stereotypes.



09.03.16 | Crossed the Rhone River to investigate the neighborhood around a potential apartment and made it back to the hotel without using Google maps! (bows)



10.03.16 | Met my husband up by the UN for an appointment with a housing advisor. I nominate Geneva for the craziest rental market award…



11.03.16 | Amazing Dim Sum dinner at a tiny, tiny restaurant in Plainpalais. We’ll definitely be back.



12.03.16 | Finally. FONDUE!


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