Ljubljana: So Long, Sweet Road Trip

Well, it’s finally here: The eighth and final post wrapping up the fantastic road trip Guillaume and I took back in April. I’m terribly sorry it’s taken this long to share, but better late than never, right?

Our last full day began with an easy hike through Vintgar Gorge, which is just a short drive from Bled. If I’m being totally honest, neither Guillaume nor I was particularly impressed after visiting Plitvice Lakes — the gorge seemed quite small and unassuming — but it was still a relaxing way to spend the morning.

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Lake Bled: Serenity in Slovenia

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After our snowy hike around Plitvice Lakes, Guillaume and I thawed our fingers in the heated car, de-layered a bit and programmed our GPS to get us to the Slovenian border. We had read about delays crossing over — Croatia is in the EU but it is not a part of Schengen, making Slovenia a key gatekeeper to the Schengen zone — but we were still wholly unprepared for the TWO-HOUR queue that awaited us. It’s a good thing we packed snacks.

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