Expat Battle: Blogger Collaboration!

Hey guys! Amy from the awesome blog Food Etcaetera asked me to inaugurate her new series called “Expat Battle,” which features expat bloggers discussing their experience in a new country. Amy is a Swiss blogger living in the United States and I’m an American living in Switzerland (duh), hence the “battle” 🙂 French speakers, get excited: You can enjoy the post in English and French by adjusting the language in the top left menu bar, thanks to Amy’s translation skills.

Check it out here! https://www.foodetcaetera.com/en/expat-battle-1usa-switzerland/ 


More Photos, More Smiles?


Good news for my fellow photo enthusiasts: New research published by the American Psychological Association says that taking photos can make you enjoy an experience more, compared to not taking any.

Based on the results of nine studies, the researchers found Continue reading